My Motivation


You’re lookin’ at them….my sons are in the center with their wives (wearing teddy bear headbands in keeping with the “teddy bear picnic” theme of the birthday party for — you guessed it– the kid holding his teddy bear on the right. (Poor bear looks like he’s had enough for one day.)

As I embarked on yet more therapy at Johns Hopkins in Feb. 2015, I put their picture  in the clear folder I carried with me to and from each session. It never failed to make me smile while riding home after the frustration and exhaustion of each session.

The little girl with the bow came by A.I. (after illness) in April 2014, four months after my correct diagnoses. I wasn’t too steady on my feet at the time (not to mention how weak I still was in my left arm). But I did get to hold her while seated, and her  brother would come over and give her a kiss   every 15 minutes or so in between playing with his trucks.

I cried  happy tears off and on the 90-minute ride home that day, which the doctors term for it is “emotional lability.”

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I trudge   the road to recovery from my brain injury and fully live each day of this second chance I’ve been given.

I’m learning that with a brain injury, progress is measured in years, not months.

What motivates you?